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Burson is the difference between hearing music and experiencing it.
Burson Audio is a mark of quality build, thoughtful circuit design, value for money and elegant, engaging sound. Burson makes products for the world we live in where space is limited yet headphone aficionados and desktop audio system enthusiasts expect top performance at reasonable prices.
If you’re considering the purchase of a Burson product like the Soloist or the Conductor then we already have an existing relationship. You’re clearly as passionate about the experience of music as we are, and like all audiophiles, you want what’s there but you want it better. You’re why Burson Audio exists.


BURSON AUDIO: Our Products


R 29,999

Some DAC/Amps claim to give you the front row experience in exchange for less soundstage. Others promise a 3D soundstage in trade for fewer details. The Conductor simply gives you everything in the recording, without sugar-coating, the good and sometimes the ugly. You can locate a tapping foot on the stage while enjoying that lingering vibration of air after a keystroke.



R 24,999

The Soloist 3X-Performance spits out 8000mW in XLR and 4000mW single-ended. Yet, it can drive headphones up to 110db sensitivity without detectable current noise. There is simply nothing like it in the industry.
The key to this ferocious power and pitch-black background is 3 sets of Burson proprietary Max Current Power Supplies (MCPS) delivering instant, abundant and clean energy to its fully discrete and Class-A circuitry.



You can admire Playmate 2 all day or just let it play. With such a small footprint, it is perfect anywhere.


HD mic input for PC gaming, optical input for gaming consoles, optional remote preamp for movie nights. Sounds good whatever you do.



R 44,999

Squeeze seemingly impossible performance and versatility into impossibly small packages. That has been our self-imposed goal since day one.

In the Burson Conductor Reference, we have squeezed a dual-mono DAC, a fully discrete Pre-amp and an over-killed Class-A headphone amp into an enclosure that looks great alongside a Mac Book.

With the Timekeeper 3i, we have created the ultimate all-in-one by adding a 100w pc Class-AB speaker amplifier into a Conductor! No more cables everywhere! No more shelf full of equipment in your space. There’s just the TK-3i, your headphone/speakers and good times with your music.



We don’t use DSP to over-sample or reprocess the original digital signal. And we didn’t put a tube output in parallel to a solid-state output to sweeten the analogue signal and attract eyeballs. Instead, the Composer 3X Performance plays truthfully, from MP3s to native DSD512, without bass boosting or sugar coating.

With a powerful SABRE32/ESS9038Q2M DAC chip, a minimal signal path and a mighty power supply, the Composer follow an old school design approach, and it recreates the original art with pinpoint accuracy.



Burson Audio have an extensive & diverse range. If you have a product of theirs in mind that isn't listed here, please let us know using our contact form and we'll see what we can do.

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